How to use new PayPal account

Need to understand that PayPal is a platform
that you will get and send money out but this, does not mean
you will be able to get gib some sums money at once with no
break in.

So if you don’t want your account to get limited, please follow our

– Start getting in your account small sums of money such as $5 first day, $8 in next hours, $15 and so on.
Then go up increasing the sums of money little by little for some weeks. This way you can break in a bigger sum of money such as $100 and more.

– This way you will make sure your account is getting stronger each day little by little.

– We need to make a history record on every account and sending money out is not an exception.
Start sending money from very little to big amounts of $.

– When you buy a 90 days PayPal account is a little bit different cause you can start getting amounts of money over $30 with no problem but don’t overplay with this, and you better go little by little.


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