How to use new stealth eBay account

Guide how to use eBay account

The first item that you list upon stealth eBay account is the most important item you will ever list on the account!

eBay manually screens every first listing, and if the agents screening the listing feel that it is a too high risk, they’ll just shut the account don’t before you ever get the chance to continue selling.

That is why it is absolutely crucial that you list a low-risk item for your first item.
You don’t actually need to sell this item, you just need to keep it up for 1-2 days so that your account passes manual verification.

When you first get your account, do NOT just log in and post immediately!

When you’re logging in from a new location, new IP address it’s important that you give your account some time to adjust and recognize your computer, so when you first get into your account, and have executed a method to make sure your account isn’t linked in any way to a previous account that you’ve owned, spend 1-2 days logged into your account, spend time browsing around looking for items, and watch items that you search up. This allows for the account to start downloading cookies and files onto your user account, which is a good thing (because you want the account to recognize your new IP and user profile as “safe”).

After you’ve done this for 2-3 days, and you’re ready to start listing!

Usually, a good item to list for your first item is a paperback or hardcover book (don’t list ebooks or you’ll get suspended). Start the listing around $10-15, and use real pictures (not ones you get from Google) and real descriptions (not something that you just copy and paste from Amazon). List it as preowned or used – you don’t want to make it brand new. Your first listing needs to be very realistic – with real pictures and information as stated before. You need to put an appropriate title, put it in the right category, and make sure you upload your own photos, not one you got from Google or Amazon. Spend time to write a realistic description – if the title, image, or description don’t look realistic, they can and will shut down your account!

  • With your first listing, make sure that you start off by listing ONLY 1 item and quantity must be ONLY 1.
    Don’t list up to 4-5 items at one time, because your priority is to break in the account.
    Once you list the item, wait 24-48 hours to let eBay manually review the items. After 48 hours, you can delist the item or go ahead and sell it if you want to.
    After this process, you’re ready to start selling other things.
    Most important thing is for few first items must be ONLY with 1 QUANTITY.
  • The key to eBay is to start slowly and build up over time.
    If you start with 50 items, they’re going to shut you down and you’re never going to ever get off the ground, so DON’T DO THAT!
    Say that you start off with 1 listing, the next day, you can put up 2-3 more listings.
    From 2-3 listings, go ahead and start listing up 4-5 listings after that, and so forth. It’s building over time so that your behavior doesn’t seem a suspicious or high risk to eBay.
    Yes, it might be slow, it will be worth it.
    Especially when you build your account up to a powerseller 2-3 months down the road and getting nearly unlimited listings.
    Yes, we’ve built multiple powerseller accounts, and what you’ve just read is how we produce them.
  • Do not list high-risk items. By high-risk items, I mean well-known brands, like Microsoft, Dre Beats, Bose, Gucci, Nike etc.
    If you’re listing high-risk brands, chances are they will shut you down sooner or later (most likely sooner).
    If you want to sell branded items, suggest that you wait until you get 10-15 seller feedback (not buyer feedback).

Good luck with selling!


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